elizabeth durack/eddie burrup

eddie burrup

in the tradition of

From an historic and artistic viewpoint, the phenomenon of Eddie Burrup belongs to several well-documented traditions — to that of:

  1. creative females resorting to the use of a male pseudonym in order to communicate original work and ideas
  2. composers, poets, painters drawing inspiration from their country's mythology and folklore
  3. a writer or actor creating, or recreating, a character and in the process becoming that character
  4. artists employing allegory or satire in order to comment on the follies and mistakes of those with power and influence.

By the same token, censorious response to innovators is also part of a long tradition. Examples abound — from Galileo Galilei to Barry Marshall — where the insights and work of remarkable individuals have been ridiculed or dismissed by people in powerful and influential positions or by those with vested interests.

A saving grace is that times and circumstances change, along with attitudes and prejudices, and where a substantial body of valid work exists, opportunity will arise for rational assessment.

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